14 Jun 2017

Collins Lake - watch for bears

We began the season in Morice Project, and Collins Lake was our first stop. A male black bear is in the area. I was able to observe him chasing a sow with two cubs down the bluff. He later circled our camp but did not interfere with us. Just a heads up to keep an eye out for him.

There is also a very large grizzly in the area. Hind track roughly 11 inches. Give or take. Front paws are massive too. I never had my measuring tape handy at the time of discovery. It's beautiful out this way. There are a lot of wildlife. Especially bears. So always keep alert.

Just a quick note about insects. Bugs were really bad out there. Even for the dogs. If you are headed out that way, don't forget your insect repellent!

Owen Flats Recreation Site - A Western Tanager

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